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Painless Accurate Handheld Automatic Local-Anesthesia Delivery System

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Features & Benefits of Local-Anesthesia Boosting Delivery System

                                  FDA Device Listing No.: D344958

1, Near Painless Injection device without expensive proprietary disposable tubing, handpiece

2, Smaller, lighter Ergonomic design, more convenient to deliver anesthesia

3, Automatically adjust the speed of delivery

4, LCD screen display all functions

5, Two modes of operation, each with THREE speeds adjustable

6, Built-in music tune to relax the patient especially for children (Sound Analgesia)

7, Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, standby time can be 30 days and continue working time as long as 4 hours

8, Compatible with all brand type anesthetic 1.8ml and 1.0ml

9, Compatible with both Inch and Metric Needles